Assembling a winning team is critical to staying ahead

The 1992 Olympic basketball team crushed every one of their opponents by wide margins. With superstar players sourced from all across the country brought together to win, the team was considered the most dominant squad ever assembled in any sport.

In a world where attracting top talent is more difficult than ever, you can’t afford to limit your options. You must move beyond your local pool of expensive and demanding candidates to the vast ocean of available talent.

Gain a competitive advantage with Acorn.work

Access nationwide talent pool

Competitive local markets drive up personnel costs and make it harder to recruit top talent. By removing geography as a constraint, you can attract the best people from all across the country.

Find the best matches

Acorn.work allows you to find high-quality candidates who meet your needs (and are interested in your specific opening) without having to sift through an overwhelming volume of applicants.

Predict success

The #1 predictor of the success of a remote employee is previous remote experience. Only Acorn.work allows you to screen for people who have done it before and know what they are doing.

How are we different?

Employees, not freelancers

The candidates you receive are professional,
salaried employees who will be
vested in your success

No hassle

With our self-service dashboard, no more
pushy headhunters or sifting
through countless resumes

Minimal cost

Get a handful of pre-vetted candidates—who
want to work for you—for the cost
of a job posting

Sample Candidates

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