Attracting top talent is critical to staying ahead.

Why limit yourself to your local talent pool when you can gain access to an ocean?

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Acorn.work connects forward-thinking firms with pre-vetted candidates who have worked at companies like:

How are we different?

Only pay for results

Recruiter-quality results for the price of a job posting—only pay for candidates you are interested in interviewing

Pre-vetted candidates.

Our talent sourcing platform marries human judgment with machine algorithms to select the best candidates from all across the country

Employees, not freelancers.

Unlike Upwork and Fiverr, the candidates on Acorn.work are salaried employees who will be vested in your success…not contractors

How it works


Create job profile

Enter your required and desired criteria  (If you are not interested in any of the candidates, you pay nothing)


View interested candidates

Our algorithms identify the most relevant prospects, and only send you the ones interested in your opening


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We do not charge any recruiting fees. You only pay for candidates whom you are interested in

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